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 Studies show that people looking to improve their fitness and improve their health achieve significantly greater results when using a personal coach. An effective coach can guide you, motivate you, and educate you.  I will help you define your wellness goals and then achieve them.  I work with both individuals and organizations seeking to improve the wellness and productivity of their employees. I have a year long program designed to overhaul your eating and exercise habits to produce lasting lifestyle change, or we can work shorter term to achieve personal wellness goals ranging from weight loss, to better sleep, to reducing blood pressure, or to completing your first 1/2 marathon! Coaching can be done in person, or via the phone and video calls.  

Lifestyle Guidance


  I decided to pursue wellness coaching in 2009 because of my firm belief that a balanced, wellness-focused life is important not only for health, but also for personal well-being and fulfillment.  Wellness includes nutritional, physical, spiritual, personal, and fiscal health. A wellness coach works as an ally to help you achieve your wellness goals.  The accountability and encouragement is what makes a wellness coach better and more successful than just using any of the multitudes of wellness apps available.  Having a partner that helps you determine realistic goals, and who helps plot the path to reach those goals, and who is in touch with you weekly to see how you are doing, makes a huge difference. You, the client, are responsible for achieving the results. However, having a wellness coach will help you define and set attainable goals, and I will support you in the process of achieving those goals.  

Active Coaching


Kate has been involved in health and wellness for many years.  She has given much time to youth, coaching elementary, middle, and high school children in running and speed, agility, and quickness for over 12 years.  She has also helped adult athletes reach their goals in running and triathlons.  In 2012, Kate became certified through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute to teach Dr. Sears' L.E.A.N. Start classes for parents of children aged 3 -12.  She also became certified to teach Dr. Sears' Prime time Health workshops for people in their second half of life to learn ways to improve their health and wellness and live a higher quality life. In 2013, Kate became certified as a personal trainer to continue offering clients the most comprehensive services possible.  In 2016, Kate became certified by Precision Nutrition to offer the most up-to-date nutritional coaching with a unique platform. And in 2017, Kate passed the first National exam offered by the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching to become board certified as testimony to offering the best coaching available in the world!  


Health Coaching


 If you are looking for coaching to help with a specific wellness goal , my open health coaching is for you.  We work together to find your long term goal(s), and really dig in to WHY it's important. We will come up with small changes that help change your habits and help your reach your bigger goal.  We might talk weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, depending upon your needs. 

Precision Nutrition Coaching


The ProCoach program delivers a total wellness solution, complete with daily lessons, habits, check-ins, and more.

Plus, as your coach, I’ll support you by answering questions, offering encouragement, and tracking your  progress.  This is a year long LIFESTYLE program, not a fad diet, that will help you become your healthiest self ever.  

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LEAN Start & Prime Time Health


 I teach several Dr. Sears' Wellness Institute classes in live workshops and online:  L.E.A.N. Start: A 6 hour workshop developed to give parents of children aged 3 - 12 the tools needed to improve their children's health and wellness through nutrition, fitness, and attitude.  Prime Time Health: Designed for people in the second half of life but applicable to all adults.  learn how your eating and exercise habits directly influence your health and learn ways to improve wellness for years to come.


Wholesome & Happy Life Blog


 I got on the scale and am down 100 pounds from when I started this weight loss and lifestyle journey a little over 1 year ago. Thanks so much for all your help and encouragement!- K.W. 

 It's been really helpful having the accountability these last 6 months. I haven't always done what I needed to do, but when I haven't, it hasn't been because I wasn't thinking about the choice. I sometimes chose to eat something that I shouldn't have, but when I haven't, it hasn't been because I wasn't thinking about the choice. I sometimes chose to eat something that I shouldn't have, or to  be lazy instead of exercise, but no longer did I make that choice without being aware that (a) my fitness would be affected and (b) I was going to have to 'fess up to Kate! As a result, there were many, MANY, times I chose to go with the lesser evil (or even something healthy)  on food, and to get up and exercise when I might otherwise have just sat on the couch. - J.B.


You have inspired me to try my hardest to keep my body healthy and to do it by doing what you love. Either through sports or other activities try your hardest, and always respect yourself and your health. Thank you for teaching me these lessons and helping me live them out by example. -L.G.


Coach Kate helped me realize the goal wasn't winning a race, but sticking with fitness.  I never was the fastest runner, but I consistently got better and learned to enjoying running and fitness.  I have gone on to run cross country in High School.-C.C.


Thanks  for your support, patience, mentorship and for helping me think differently about my lifestyle. -C.M.


I appreciate your support so much these last couple months!!  - S.M.



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